The Name Game

Story Empire

Hi, SE Readers. Joan here today. One of my first posts for Story Empire was titled “What’s in a Name?” It was about the importance of selecting character names that matched age, ethnicity, gender, etc.

We writers are free to go outside the box so to speak, especially if you tend to be a bit of a rebel. (Hand raised.) But recently, I became aware of a couple of other problems with character names that might confuse the reader.

In my first novel, Unseen Motives, I switched several character names with as often as the weather changes in Texas.

I originally named my main character Debbie. But when I researched popular names for the year she was born, the name didn’t make the top 100 popular girl names for that period. While there was nothing wrong with the name Debbie, I decided to name the character Stephanie. I’m glad…

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