Join us on our walk today


After torrential rain all night and Hubby’s garlic doing the breaststroke in the pots outside (probably ruined actually as they don’t like to be over watered), we were up later than usual.
Maggie wasn’t too impressed on getting soaked for her morning wee, even if it was gone 9am, but around 10.30, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Although we’ve walked Maggie every day, it’s been a few since we all went to the park.
Photo: October 2017 shortly after our arrival.

We have a welcoming committee of two mallards who see us and immediately get out of the water to come waddling. Today was no exception, so I threw two handfuls of seed on the grass and left them tucking in.

Last time I came, there were ducklings everywhere, but today it was very quiet in that department, and we were a little…

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