The Heartless Tin Man

Almost Iowa

steampunk-1809590_960_720There once was a farm girl from Kansas named Dorothy whose house was picked up by a tornado and flung all the way to a place called Oz where it landed on top of a witch.

After that, things got complicated.

She got into a tiff over footwear with another witch then was directed to follow a yellow brick road by a crowd of diminutive and somewhat portly people.  Later, she fell in with a scarecrow who was dumber than a box of rocks.

All of this was bewildering and somewhat stressful until the yellow brick road happened to pass through a woods….

“Oh My Goyd,” she chortled, “he’s goygeous!”

For there, standing among the trees was the hunkiest hunk she ever laid eyes on. Granted, Dorothy was from a little farm town in Kansas where the males trended toward chunky rather than hunky – but what she saw truly…

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