What I thought was perfection


img_0630Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner

The year is 2160, and I no longer exist. Only my energy travels through the universe. The religious would say it is my spirit that is restless and keeps roaming. I have seen stars and planets that would boggle your mind. But that is a tale for another day.

Today, my energy has returned to Earth. The changes I see now intrigues and awes me. Man and machine have become one.

I saw him in all his splendor. A warrior with technology knitted into flesh and bones. If you remember those movies during the 20th century, like Six Million Dollar Man, or Bionic Woman, or Robocop, you’d go….. Awesome!

But I have no one to share this excitement with. I circled him, admiring the bronze metal with gears and the ripples of muscles. I wanted to touch this Bronze Warrior but more, I wanted to…

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