Thursday photo prompt: Shade #writephoto


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a leafy, green glade, at the centre of which is an old, moss-covered stone trough, that looks like an empty sarcophagus.

Nothing is as it was.
The magic of the forest has been lost.
You would sing to me,
Caress my body with gentle hands,
Hold handfuls of cool water to my lips.
I in turn would shield you from the night,
Keeping evil at bay,
Protect you from those who wished you harm.
But still they came for you.
I stood tall and brave,
All to no avail.
They could not see me as you did,
Did not realise I was the last
And that you were bringing me forth
Into a world of strangeness.
They left you to die alone,
But I was here,
In neither my world or yours,
But enough to be with you.
You died at my side.

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