Why Didn’t I Think Of That??


Have you ever happened upon something on the internet and said to yourself …that’s so simple,” why didn’t I think of that”???

I have said that many of times. Simple solutions for yourself in your home. After seeing these photos, I know many of you are going to be thinking…”why didn’t I think of that?”


Just a few months ago, this was me under the sinks in bath and kitchen remodel…I said it on that one for sure…

Ironing Board Back Saver

Working under the sink on your back isn’t exactly comfortable, especially when the sharp cabinet edge cuts into your shoulder blades. Make it more comfortable by lying on an ironing board. Set one end of the board inside the cabinet and support the other end with a scrap piece of 2×4. It won’t make the repair any easier, but it’s definitely easier on your back.


Instant Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

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