Today’s agenda: 24 April


Again, not much.
As is the norm, I read our utility meters and know the electricity will be massive compared to normal as we have had power tools going for the kitchen and also cut the grass. We usually use between 2 and 3 Kwh a day, but I had an email to supply meter readings on Friday and we were already up to 10 after 2 days. I calculated our bill and we are £2 short overall, but a payment is due to go in on the 27th, so I’m not worried.

A field trip is planned but where hasn’t been decided yet.
Dinner today is going to the horrendously calorific corned beef hash. I haven’t made one for years and we have tins in the cupboard that should be used. I’m looking forward to it!

I woke up this morning being serenaded by a blackbird on the fence…

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