In a Vase on Monday: Easter Surprises

Rambling in the Garden

I don’t know if you have had any surprises this Easter weekend although none would be as surprising as having rabbits, kittens or puppies hatching out of eggs, as this cockerel* discovered to his horror! Here, the weather has been a surprise as it has turned out even hotter than forecast, with temperatures into the mid 20s, eliciting all sorts of summer activities like barbecues, short shorts, grass cutting and, for some of us, lots of gardening. The garden is full of surprises too, with fresh new growth on dormant perennials and buds about to burst on rhododendrons, aquilegia, dicentra and alliums.

I suppose the egg vase is a surprise too, coming after my statement last week, but eBay was willing and gave me the opportunity to snap up this 1960s art glass egg vase, not the sort of egg vase I originally had in mind, but a very nice…

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2 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Easter Surprises

  1. All pleasing images, thank you. Ah Spring, tra la…. (We have had the worst Easter here in Spain since I can remember…20 years..).Three days of gales and torrential rain. Gloomy, dry but windy today, We’re normally very spoiled and at least the reservoirs are full for the summer months – if MN decides to behave again! Best wishes.

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