Beyond Cinderella

Thru Violet's Lentz

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

“I was asked just recently if I had heard anything about whatever became of Cinderella’s fairy godmother. It was funny really, because I had just heard last week that she was still going strong at 1298. I guess that isn’t all that impressive of an age if you are a fairy godmother, but frankly, I had no idea she was that old.”

“Last time I saw her, she looked amazing. I mean, sure she had that grandmotherly look about her, but on her, it was marvelous!”

“I asked her what she’d been up to and she said she had been busy with a new client, and somehow or another the case evolved into a family affair, and it just snowballed from there.”

“At first I was just listening politely, smiling and responding in all the right places, you know like we do when we are listening to…

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