Decisions, decisions

Kyt Wright

Old Scratch stood at the junction on top of the hill wondering which way to go, the people in the last town he had stopped at had been only too pleased to see the back of the him.

“Well that’s the way of a travelling tinkerers life.” he said to no-one in particular while setting down the heavy pack he always carried.

From this viewpoint he could see the road to his right went down towards a small village of humble cottages, the left twisted its way to a town of grey buildings and imposingly high chimneys.

“Hullo old fellow.” said a friendly voice, it belonged to a sandy-haired man with a pretty girl wearing an old straw hat on his arm.

“Hullo yerself young fella.” replied Scratch. “And you too young lady.”

“Where are you off to tinker-man?” she replied smiling coyly.

“I haven’t made my mind up yet…

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