Is Cursive Dead?

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Hi, SEers! It’s another Mae Day on Story Empire.  I’m going to stray a bit from the usual path to talk about…writing. Confused? Then let me explain. I’m going to show my age by revealing that when I went to grade school we had penmanship classes.

Cursive alphabet written on a school blackboard

I remember sitting at my desk in fourth grade and practicing penmanship loops. I also remember teachers of the time being insistent handwriting must have a forward slant. That was bad news for me, because although I’m right-handed, I wrote with a distinctive backward slant. So every class, the teacher would yank out her ruler and crack my hands. Stupid, right? Did it change things?

Very little.

Eventually, after a few years, I did lose most of that backward slant but never did learn how to write with a forward slant. These days when I use cursive writing—which unless I’m signing my name—is non-existent…

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