WIP Update and a Teaser

Jessica Bakkers

It’s been a slack weekend writing wise but I did get some planning done and reorganised the structure of the WIP slightly. To be clear, I mean Book II in my WIP series!

I don’t have a lot of motivation for writing at the moment, and I’m putting this down to an impending holiday (or vacation as my American friends call it). We’re off to Tasmania for 2 weeks as of Good Friday. Limited wifi, limited social media, and even limited electricity! It’s going to be fantastic. 

So, with not much else to share, I thought I’d give you a very rough teaser from my current WIP.

               A blisteringly hot wind exploded around Abigail, blinding and deafening her. Her body thrummed in pain as though the scorching wind was trying to suck her bones through her flesh. She screamed, her words obliterated…

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