One Thing at a Time

Peacock Poetry

Day three of the prompt invites us to write about a story or an action that evolves over an appreciable amount of time and I have chosen to write about the cost of multi-tasking and the gain of taking time to do things slowly.

What is the price that you pay for multi-tasking and what would it mean to be more focussed on one thing at a time?

At the same time

Sometimes we feel that we’re on top

When we are multi-tasking

Two things at once, we never stop

Deliver what they’re asking

We work at speed though it impedes

The essence of our labour

We steam ahead despite the need

to slow down and to savour

The long boat not the island hop

Steers us to where joy’s lasting

It’s all about the mindful crop

So let’s stop multitasking!

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