A Crack in the Pavement

LostFor most of my life I have sucked when it comes to following directions. Even during my time in a small town I still had a hard time.

Allow me to give you an example:

You’re having a party? Great! You’re giving me directions? I can do that.

Actually that was a lie. I can’t do that. Imagine telling me to turn left on Harlow and to take a right at the first stop sign. From there you tell me to drive straight until I see a brown house on the corner of Barney Street. I guarantee you I will find myself lost on the highest of mountain tops.

Lost 1Trust me. It happened. Long story. We’re not going there.

I recognized my following direction issue early in life and realized quickly for survival purposes that the only way to deal with this nightmare was land marks.

Forget the street names…

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