How I accidentally wrote a horror novel

A Crack in the Pavement

Haunted 1A daydream carried a bit too far

A long time ago I was introduced to Stephen King. It was a giant book full of short stories. Soon after reading his amazing work I graduated to his novels.

Before I knew it I was reading other horror novels. Some were good and some were okay but one thing was certain:

I too would be a horror novelist.

Not having a full understanding that the genre picks me I decided that it would be I who chose the genre. It was a rookie mistake on my part but since I was young and a bit ill-informed you’ll have to forgive me.

So on that day after reading multiple horror short stories and novels a horror writer was born.

Well….not really.

You’ll have to forgive me

Scary BooksClearly I couldn’t write like King or Koontz or any of the other writers I read but…

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