The Rift.

Kyt Wright

A walker heard the noise first, a strange chittering coming from a thin cleft in the rock.

Laying down he squinted into it but could see nothing, the sound was louder here echoing slightly and a foetid stench assaulted his nostrils. Thinking it a little strange the walker mentioned it to the Park ranger who, with a companion investigated further shining torches into it, thrusting their fingers into the narrow fissure to feel a warm current of air.

The Ranger baffled by the strange phenomenon contacted an acquaintance in the National Geological Society, who in turn sent along a curious scientist with a pair of eager students. When he showed his visitors to the fissure they were surprised to see it was now wide enough to push an arm into.

They set up their equipment, took recordings of the temperature and the strange sound then the team sent in their…

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