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Paul Andruss wanted to make sure that tulips in all their glory, received a showcase and so has written an extra column this month to do just that.

Tulipmania by Paul Andruss


Everyone knows tulips so there is not much to say about them. However would a little bit of their history make you appreciate them a bit more?

Tulips are native to the southern steppes bordering the Black and Caspian Seas from South Russia to Northern Iran and Afghanistan, then east to Turkmenistan and the Hindu Kush until their habitat of blistering dry summers and deeply cold winters is disrupted by Himalayan Plateau and the desert beyond. These steppes were the home of the Turkic nomads, who were not the same, but very similar to the horsemen of Mongolia. One such tribe were the Seljuk Turks.

A thousand years ago the Seljuks migrated into the inhospitable Anatolian high…

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