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Welcome to another post from the archives of children’s/YA author Robbie Cheadle. This week a poem for her youngest son, and co-author for the Sir Chocolate series, Michael Cheadle.

My Michael by Robbie Cheadle.

I love my little Michael,
He is the sweetest boy;
I often give him cuddles,
And buy him a nice new toy.

We read our favourite stories,
About dragons and brave knights;
He thoroughly enjoys them,
Then, out go all the lights.

From closed cupboards and doors,
Lurking monsters stealthily creep;
And my poor little lad,
Can’t get an wink of sleep.

Into the marital bed,
My boy quietly slides;
And between his loving parents,
From night time horrors hides.

Mom and dad lie, awake,
While Mikey kicks and dreams;
Unable to get any rest,
Counting sheep won’t work, it seems.

©Robbie Cheadle

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