A Young Concord

Anneberly Andrews

fantasy-3533325_960_720 pixabay image by Natan Vance

Long ago, the sun brightly hung high above our flourishing city. Rising and setting with the promise of a new day. The heat and energy from its rays built up inside our inner cores, providing us stability, vigor, and lifelong satisfaction.

Until, one day, the sun disappeared below the horizon as thick, ebony poisonous clouds filled our air. Our expectations of the life we knew, had vanished. Now  – – survival was our primary goal.

Our city officials had anticipated this level of war from the Genocides for decades. They couldn’t accept our agreement to live peacefully. The Genocides believed that opposition was the key to survival, and the Concord people were weak-minded for thinking that survival was focused upon peace.  

Thankfully, the Concord City Officials had secretly built an underground bunker, large enough to house our entire city for fifteen years. Otherwise, the…

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