Homeward Bound

Peacock Poetry

Whilst my Auntie Glen was in hospital having her key-hole surgery last week, she unfortunately dropped her phone in water and so my messages only made it to her days later. Once I got hold of her back safe in her new bungalow I felt so relieved. Recovery will be a long process but there is nothing like being back in your own bed!


Through puddles I may splatter

The wind may toss and turn

But nothing really matters

Now that you’re home, I’ve learned

The saws can go on screeching

The cars can rumble past

The righteous can keep preaching

For you’re at home, at last

Mad March might brood and holler

We’ve seen it all before

I’ll take whatever follows

Now that you’re safe indoors

Photo : https://www.target.com/p/home-sweet-home-doormat-18-x30-threshold-153/-/A-23986206

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