A Crack in the Pavement

You asked for it, you got it.

Here it is friends. At the request of some very special people I have enclosed the prologue that you requested.

Sarcastically named – The World’s Greatest Prologue.

I have never posted my work on my blog so I’m a tad nervous. Most of all I do not like to take up a lot of your time. I try to keep the word count low whenever I post.

Unfortunately this thing runs about 1900 words give or take.

I’ve included pictures for your entertainment. If real life cookies were possible you’d have them too.

Please be honest. Shred it to bits. Do whatever you like. I can take it.


 Greta, Eileen and a day at a funeral  (I just made this up)

Church          A circle of friends and family gathered at a downtown Catholic Church in Eugene, Oregon. It was a bright…

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