#writephoto: White ships

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And Sue has decided that I’ve been away from my WIP quite long enough. Back to it. For her Thursday photo prompt.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 16.32.15

Unease settles on the shoulders of the white lady. Sedge bristles about the lake island, but Evienne wonders how long it will stay out of mortal sight. The changes that she has helped initiate are gathering momentum and threads of the weave are flying loose. She stands, letting the gentle movement of the water draw the folds of her satin dress back and forth. White sails fill the pool at her feet and her eyes are full of clouds. Something is escaping her, and she fears it is destiny. She has been here before, on the shore watching, while a white-sailed ship flies to disaster, but this time, the disaster will be none of her doing.

Clouds billow and fill the pool like white sails. Richard’s fleet…

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