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Welcome to the Gardening Column with Paul Andruss… deft of word and an expert in the plant department, he is sharing bringing glorious colour to our gardens.

Heavenly Hellebores.

Hellebores (Yours Magazine)

Despite flowering early in the year, when there is hardly anything in the garden, hellebores were often ignored. They were considered dull and rather bashfully hung their heads. So much so some gardeners put mirrors under the plants so they could see the flowers.

Hellebores came in two types. There was a white variety (ironically Black Hellebore) optimistically called the Christmas Rose, which never flowers at Christmas, and a pink called the Lenten Rose; blooming from Lent through Spring. In actual fact both varieties bloom during much the same time.

Hellebores are not roses, but part of the buttercup family. The name is because the flowers are a similar shape to dog roses. Flowers are made from tough…

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