Thieves… plagiarists and scammers

Word by Word

by Kathryn Jane

Yesterday was my day to blog, and I tried, really tried to write about the recent blowup in the writing world. I wrote and deleted two long, wordy attempts to address the horrors of people stealing a writer’s hard work, and how thieves and the dirty underbelly of the writing world affected me personally…then I gave up and put it away for the night.

Here instead, a day late, is the simple version.

Around a week ago, a plagiarist was caught stealing the work of over thirty writers. Bringing this to light also exposed other scammers and thieves preying one readers and writers, and the entire situation was mind-boggling enough… and then I discovered my books being offered for free on a pirate site.

And I started to wonder whether this writing gig was worth what it was costing me–literally, and figuratively.

Is it worth my time…

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One thought on “Thieves… plagiarists and scammers

  1. I guess that depends if writing is for economic survival or love. No one likes to be taken advantage of. I can’t really get into the mind of people who like to scam other writers. Gotta keep going, a wiser person to the art of then scam.

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