Glorious Sunbeams, and a Sale

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The snow’s almost gone, except in the shady areas where it’s still as solid as … ice!.

Our compost bins have finally thawed out so I went to empty one of them yesterday, (I rotate between three big plastic garbage cans) and came across a huge clump of worms huddled together near the bottom. Feeling like an immanent mass-murderer I hurriedly buried them in the deepest part of the open compost pile and scuttled away feeling terribly guilty. I think they’ll be fine, once they get over the shock, and will have much more room there than in the bin that’s for sure.

We’re having a lovely stretch of bright sunny days and shivery-cold nights, and one of the benefits of us both being self-employed is that we can take time out of each day and absorb some of the glorious beams that grace the garden after midday…

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