Smorgasbord Health – Size Matters – The Sequel – Candida – Starving the fungus and feeding the body.

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Last week I looked at the amount of hidden sugar in our diet, that not only satisfies our cravings but those of Candida Albicans too. This week a look at previously eliminated foods that you can actually including in moderation in your diet, so enjoying their health benefits… and a shopping list to copy and print to have handy.

You can find last week’s post and all the previous chapters in this file:

Controlling the fungus without starving your body.

Over the years clients have arrived at their first appointment, tired, depressed, still suffering from skin problems, infections etc, who have been following the most rigid diet possible to eradicate the overgrowth of candida. They were surviving on a narrow range of foods, with greatly reduced nutritional variety and values, and were terrified of putting certain foods in their mouths.

The problem is balance – starving the fungus is…

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