Stars in her eyes – a poem

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Stars in her eyes

A dreamer

she was born

with stars in her eyes

They enabled her

allowing escape

from the routine

of her daily life

She would look up

and imagine herself

far, far way

sailing on a ship

across a wide blue sea

diving for pearls

in a hidden cove

weaving shells

into her golden hair

while singing a duet

with a friendly mermaid

The dreary task at hand

left behind, undone

as she danced, unfettered

in her own, glittering world

The stars gave her hope

allowed her to soar

on the gossamer wings

of an unencumbered mind

saving her from drowning

in a sea of black despair

Those strange stars

empowered her

giving her the tools

to write and create

stories for others

to read and enjoy

One day when those

eyes close forever

a bit of fairy dust

from her starry eyes

will stay behind


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