Wedding Crashers (Why—what did you do your first night in India?) #India #humor #travel

Barb Taub

Guess what, India? We’re baaaaaack!

I’m back in India to get into trouble with my two old friends and fellow travelers, Janine and Jaya. While we’re busy rushing for new disasters, I thought I’d share some memories of a few trips ago. [For even more elephant frenzy, parathas, temples, palaces, monkeys…and the kindness of Indian strangers—please click on the image above.]

Nobody who knew the three of us believed it a year ago whenas old friends since our university daysJanine, Jaya, and I actually managed to meet up in the middle of India. So obviously, we just had to push our luck. (Actually, that bit nobody had any trouble believing…)

This time, Janine and I were supposed to meet up at the Mumbai International Airport. But due to a tragic annual event we have up north (winter), both our flights were delayed.

I’d been traveling from Scotland for…

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