Colleen’s Coming Attractions: Two New Novellas by Author, @JimWebster6

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Hi, everyone. Jim Webster has a couple of new novellas coming out and I offered to help him spread the word.

Author, Jim Webster

Someone once wrote this about me…

“Jim Webster is probably still fifty-something, his tastes in music are eclectic, and his dress sense is rarely discussed in polite society. In spite of this, he has a wife and three daughters.

He has managed to make a living from a mixture of agriculture, consultancy, and freelance writing. Previously he has restricted himself to writing about agricultural and rural issues but including enough Ancient Military history to maintain his own sanity. But seemingly he has felt it necessary to branch out into writing fantasy and Sci-Fi novels.”

Now with eight much-acclaimed fantasy works and two Sci-Fi to my credit it seems I might be getting into the swing of things.

Amazon Author Page: Jim Webster

Today, Jim shares a…

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7 thoughts on “Colleen’s Coming Attractions: Two New Novellas by Author, @JimWebster6

      • It has always struck me that real people are, in many ways, more fantastic than fantasy characters.
        I went to the funeral today of somebody whom you might class as an ordinary little old lady.
        Born into a pretty ordinary working class home, in a northern industrial town, in the course of a long life she managed (alongside the usual stuff of being a wife and a mother), amongst other things, to be a champion rollerskater, even working as a redcoat for a season teaching it, lived in Brazil, met Ronnie Biggs, had an ice cream van, opened a homeless shelter and ran it for many years.
        Seriously, how fantastic is that 🙂
        Eat your heart out Boromir 😉

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