Dicy Icy


The guys have been working all night to fix the burst main in the road adjacent to ours.
We reported it at 10.20pm, and they arrived before 11. Drills, cutters, pumps have been going since then, and although our road is no longer flooded, Torville and Dean could practice quite safely on the ice there as we had a heavy frost last night.

The water was still off at 8am, so after letting Maggie out, I went back to bed.
It’s 9.30 now and having contacted the water board, our supply should be connected within the hour.
One thing about living on the boat was that we never took water for granted. Our tank held around 100 gallons. We topped it up every week on the marina, and at every opportunity when out on the river. We never used the shower, and the cassette loo had its own reservoir, but…

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