Still Playing on #BookBrush

The Write Stuff

I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on writing today for all sorts of reasons, so I’ve been taking breaks to play on BookBrush again. As you can see, I made a new header (even though I don’t normally promote my books from there), and learned that the black borders on the theme I use make it difficult to get all the pieces in the right place. Still, I think I’ll leave it up for a day or so,just because.  The header for my writer FaceBook page fit much better.

Then I decided to show my last full-length novel some love and use the BookBrush project template sized for Tweets to make the above ad.  That one worked perfectly. In another couple of days, I think I will have mastered this site and will be searching for perfect images to use for each ad. But when I’m done, I’ll…

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