A very short #Valentine’sDay love story plus #ThrowbackThursday post #humor

Barb Taub

I’ve always said our relationship was based on the two purest human feelings: pity and hunger.

Back in our college days, I was cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment when my roommate Max dragged in a couple of grad students she knew would be alone on the holiday. One was a tall thin guy who didn’t say two words to me but ate everything that came within reach. We were married two years later. It’s been almost forty years, and he’s still my valentine!

Here’s a Valentines Day excerpt from my book, Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies

Valentine’s Day BC (BEFORE Children) vs AD (AFTER Delivery)

In the years before children (BC) I considered myself a reasonably cultured person.


  • Books? I bought them in hardbound so I’d be early enough to disagree with the review in the New York Times
  • Movies?

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