A Valentine’s Meal I’ll Never Forget

Stevie Turner

With the arrival of another Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d write about a certain Valentine’s meal Sam and I had about 6 years’ ago.  Whenever I pass by Café Rouge in Bury St. Edmunds I am reminded of this eventful night.

We sat down and looked at the menus. Sam thought he’d order lobster soup, because he’d never eaten lobster before.  He had eaten prawns, crab and salmon before, but never lobster. The soup was served quite quickly, and Sam gulped it down because he hadn’t eaten much all day.

We sat and waited for our main course, but after about ten minutes Sam started talking gibberish.  To my horror his eyes then rolled up into his head and he slid down the chair and onto the floor in a faint.  Staff gathered around him as I phoned for an ambulance. The conversation then went something like this:


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