Bedwyr’s Song #writephoto

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Reposting an old one as it fits fairly well with this weeks writephoto prompt:

Bedwyr’s Song

On the dark road to midnight
The bard takes his rest
With a song in his dream
And his heart on the Quest.
The hollow hills beckon,
The call of the Fae…
The Light in his heart burns
To show him the Way.

To the stone by the well,
In the green, leafy glade,
With the stars on the Water
Reflecting the Blade.
There Mother and Maiden
Will hold up the Grail,
Be true and your questing,
Sir Knight, cannot fail.

‘Tis only the purest in heart, it is told,
With an innocent faith, in his soul,
Who can follow the Path through the darkest of nights,
To the Castle that shelters his goal.
Though the wildwood bewilders his stumbling feet
The Knight marches onward and true,
Through bramble and thicket he forges ahead

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