Thursday photo prompt: Fragrant #writephoto


Each week, Sue Vincent gives us one of her photos to inspire and encourage us to write: fiction, non fiction, poetry, humour, anything that the photo inflames in our minds.

Something was missing.
She walked through the rose garden and sat on the seat under the weeping peach and green canopy.
She looked up and felt a tear on her cheek, but it was dew from a delicate petal.
The sun gazed down on her and she felt the warmth on her face.
She was missing something.
She stood and walked away down the lavender flanked pathway, through the rose garden and sat on the seat, lost in thought.
The roses and trees were in splendid colour, so peaceful and calming, but something was amiss.
She rose, and walked away.
Finding herself in the rose garden, she walked to the seat where she sat and pondered, a sense of…

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