A Waltz, my dear?

Jordy’s Streamings

This my entry to Sue Vincent’s #write photo prompt, fragrant. A great writing adventure, with wonderful participating artists.

Photo © Sue Vincent

One summer, as a young lady, taking a stroll through grandmamas gardens, overwhelmed by the beauty and scents, I stood in the center of the four paths and decided to dance.

In rapture, I started spinning around and around so fast that my underskirt widened and twirled with me, I felt naked and free.

Elated, I kept twirling, until I got dizzy and fell. I stayed and laid on the dirt, knowing my mum was going to be very upset that I spoilt my dress.

But I smiled and looked up at the clear blue sky and breathed in the myriad scents. I was filled to the brim with joy and fell asleep dreaming of dancing in heaven with the stars.

Those days were wondrous. Even though…

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