February’s Speculative Fiction Prompt

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There are some wonderful writing challenges each month to exercise your creative faculties… and here is another terrific one from Diana Peach. There is a wonderfully surreal visual prompt this month… itching to have a go. Head over to the link at the bottom on the post to get the full details.

February’s Speculative Fiction Prompt

For visually challenged writers, this is an image of an elephant in a snowstorm next to a little house that’s resting crookedly in a tree. A handful of white mice are on the roof of the house.


Thank you to everyone who responded to January’s prompt. There are marvelous imaginations out there, and I loved reading and sharing your stories, poems, and artwork. Now, for something a little different! Above is February’s image. If interested, you have until February 21st to submit a response. Happy Writing!

Here’s how it works:

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