The Dreaded Lurgy PLUS #BookReview THE RESCUED ONE by @theLockwoodEcho #humor #flu #dogs

Barb Taub

“It’s this lurgy goin’ about.” Almost everyone on our little island had it, has it, or (in my case) is getting it. What is it?

Lurgy. (aka “The dreaded lurgy”) Apparently, this word started life as the subject of a Spike Milligan skit in November 1954 about a (fictitious) disease that devastated Britain. Of course, the thrifty Scots are never ones to let an excellent word go to waste, not when it could be used to perfectly describe the winter cough/creeping chest rot/general miasma of cold and flu symptoms that’s felling everyone. As its latest victim, I’m heading back to bed and leave you with a post from a few years back. It was obviously the Dreaded Lurgy, but I was too much a newbie to know…

And just to show we still have something to live for, I’m adding a quick review for one of the most charming, feel-good little books…

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