Notes from a small dog… Making friends

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

She’d been out for ages, and when she finally came home I was really glad to see her. Sometimes I worry that she won’t come back, though she has never left me too long on my own. I have my toys and the fish to keep me company, and loads of birds to watch, so it isn’t too bad. To be honest, these days, I usually just sleep a lot while she is out… that way, I am wide awake for walks and ball throwing when she is home.

And I was expecting my walk, ‘cause it had been too early when she went out… even I was still asleep, and I get up with the sun. But, “No,” she says, “We’re getting company.” Well, we hardly ever get company, so I was a bit excited, ‘specially when she put the leash on and took me out to wait for…

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