moonless heart

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This was written back in September.

A friend gave me a ticket to a Latin Moonlight Cruise (basically a floating nightclub). The ambience and music; perfect. The ladies….oh so beautiful. A perfect night for romance. One little problem…….it was couples night.

This poem and photo were born on that night.

moonless heart


An abandoned yacht sits on a dock
Unsure if it will ever sail again
My moonless heart
Remains still
Like a sailboat without a breeze
He studies the sky
Without constellations
Finding a single star
That winks back
Advising him
A ship only looks forward
Reminding me
Of the girl I haven’t met
Where is she now
Does she admire the night sky
Is she loved
Or is her heart moonless too


Flying to Las Vegas this morning. (Don’t ask me why, I loathe gambling.) Lonely Author will find something to entertain him in Sin City.

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