Ice Giant Gnuri – A Creation Myth

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This is my contribution to Diana from Myths in the Mirror’s wonderful writing prompt.

Artwork by Stefan Keller

Gnuri, the ice giant was born in a galaxy on the other side of the universe. His form was created by the unknowable and contained enough material to birth entire new galaxies.

Filled with subatomic particles that were programmed to morph into structures, Gnuri was dispatched to what we now know as the Milky Way.

One particular paradox was that Gnuri could not see himself. While the particles he contained created external structures on auto pilot, he could not see the wondrous Milky Way, nebula nor planets that formed.

It was with this realization that his new form was born. The form of man. At that time there were only exoplanets, which meant that the form of man preceded the Milky Way’s Sun. However, man would need the Sun to generate…

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