Superblogger Chapter 2: The Thinnest Fitness Blog You’ll Ever Read

Tara Sparling writes

Superblogger Chapter 2: The Thinnest Fitness Blog You'll Ever Read

Hi Fans, Followers and Folks Who Flipping Love Me!

I’ve always been passionate about fitness, but even I have days when I feel like a total blimp off the street, so I totally know how hard it is for you guys to feel good about your bodies.

Every January the hits on my exclusive “Thinly Sliced” YouTube Fitness Channelalmost double from nearly 6 million a month to over 23 million a month. Because people everywhere are thinking about what total pigs they made of themselves over Christmas and are looking for a way out of their disgusting, ugly,fat, ordinarybodies.

But search no longer – because you’ve found the answer!

When it comes toliving your best physical health in order to look wafer-thinly STRONG, you’ve come to the right place, because that’s what I am.

Someone said once that I was too thin, but they were totally wrong, because I’m strong…

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