Jaye’s Journal (week 3)


Diary of a writer

Jaye Marie’s writing life


The good news this week is that the WIP is almost sorting itself out.

After weeks of deep thought and frustration, my muse has obviously returned, with her sleeves rolled up and determination written all over her face. Parts that were previously difficult to understand, have become clearer and easier to read. My mind seems to know what to do, so I’m not arguing!

Then, on the third day, the power went out. We had no hot water, electricity, Internet or heating. Zilch!

Instantly, we needed coffee, then toast. Looking at the blank computer screen was depressingly annoying. I had visions of us being discovered, emaciated and frozen stiff, huddled together fYou get the picture!

Somewhere in the house, we had a camping stove although I had no clue where. If we wanted coffee, I would have to find it.


The worst part was not knowing if we were the only ones. Was it a general power cut, or had something gone wrong inside our house?

Our neighbours were out, so no help there.

I checked the fuse box, but none of the switches had been tripped.

Rational thought kept insisting that the power would be back at any minute, but nagging doubt was having a field day.

What with having no internet or phone, we had no visible means of contacting the outside world to summon help. I had never felt so stranded and helpless. Talk about being up the creek without a paddle!

It was slowly undermining everything I thought we were in control of. For when the chips (and the power) were down, it would seem we are in control of nothing.

What didn’t help, was trying to cope with it all while still recovering from the flu.

Then we remembered that there were workmen digging yet another hole further down the road. Anita went to see if they had chopped through a cable or something, but they hadn’t. But the man in charge of the hole offered to telephone our electric company to report our problem, so that was handy!

Half an hour later, an electrician turned up at our door and we soon had our power back.

Even as the relief flooded back, we knew we had to do something to save us from suffering similar isolation from the rest of the world. What we needed was a mobile phone, as being without any method of communication wasn’t funny…

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9 thoughts on “Jaye’s Journal (week 3)

  1. Reblogged this on Stevie Turner and commented:
    This got me thinking. Yes, we are cut off from the world without electricity if we do not have a mobile phone. I used to keep mine in the car just for emergencies, but my family tend to communicate via text messages and become irate if I do not answer!

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  2. We are all one second away from total helplessness. Now I’m sure we would all cope if we lived a hundred years ago or more – we know that because Claire in ‘Outlander’ adapts very well to going through the stones into the past. If we were in the primitive past we would have our wood stacked up, our candles trimmed, bear skin blankets and our horses saddled ready to fetch help… but we have no back up system.

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  3. My daughter was 5 days without power just before Christmas. She managed OK as she has a cell phone, heats her house with wood and has a propane stove. She also prefers candlelight and is quite resourceful. I would have not survived a day. ( she lives on a small island off the coast of BC Canada). I’m glad you got your power back soon.

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  4. Over the last few years our power has started going out more and more often … sign of the times I suspect. Old infrastructure and climate change. (extreme weather events that take down the lines) So we’ve made sure we have all the back-up systems we need.
    I do understand that almost paralysing fear though, when it first goes out. And why do we always want a cuppa as soon as it does? 😀
    Getting a cellphone is a great idea.

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