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Is Heaven afraid of Hell’s reflection?

Do winged feet walk with a gentle spell

With the fear of falling to the fiery world below?

Dark voices calling, teasing innocence

Daring one to step from safety’s spell

Can Lucifer swell his legions?

Is time and favour on his side

As it was so long ago?

Will God relent, call them back

Keep his word, forgiveness given

As written in his book?

Then there would be no place for Hell…


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We would appreciate it if someone could try and get one of these free copies, and let us know if it was easy/impossible/or not worth the trouble?

2 thoughts on “Reflection… #Poetry

  1. Interesting words to ponder! As for the book, I tried with Apple and it says I don’t have an account, which I do. I signed in, clicked on sample and it asked me to sign in again. This happened twice..So, not sure if it’s working properly 😦


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