And So This is Christmas….

A Dalectable Life

We have hit that “quiet time” in our yearly festivities.  It lasts a few hours and most members of our families try to take this time to nap to prepare for the last of the family shenanigans, or in my case, write a blog post.  After all, I managed to write 24 days in a row, why break it on this most special of days?  Besides, no matter how tired I am, I am afraid if I do nap, tonight’s sleep will be slow in coming.  And now I am feeling nostalgic.

Time moves forward; we can’t stop it.  Families grow, decline, grow again.  Children are born, grandparents (and parents) pass away, children grow up, fall in love, boyfriends and girlfriends come in and out of the picture; before long, those children are getting married (or hooking up), having children and the cycle continues.

Some things are lost along the…

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