Friday Writing Question: What if…?

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Ciao, SEers. Three posts ago, I said I only had three posts left for the year. That was a bit misleading. I only had three “regular” posts left for the year. I didn’t include our Friday posts, of which I had one left. This one.

The question post.

When I think about fiction questions, one comes to mind. The questionThe one every author says to ask as you work on the tension and plot development in your story.

What if…?

I have a confession to make. I seldom, if ever, ask myself that as I’m outlining/plotting/writing. I tend to think in terms of actions and reactions (which coincidentally coincides with scenes and sequels), so I never have to wonder what will happen. If I know my characters (and I always do), I know how they’ll respond, so what will happen next in the story never really stumps…

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