The road to literary excellence

Tallis Steelyard


When it comes to literature, many of us have areas where we excel. There is something about a particular genre which enables us to sparkle without real effort. I freely confess that whilst I can achieve excellence in most fields, should you ask me to write a ‘misery memoir’ I would refuse with almost indecent haste. The problem I have with the genre, (other than the fact that it is universally depressing and reading it leaves me with feelings of existential dread) is that I cannot write in this genre without subverting it!

So if I ever attempt to write such a piece, I find my readers guffawing at my humorous exaggerations and snide comments about the main protagonist. So needless to say I shun the genre. Others can write in it, produce fine work and earn the plaudits of the wise. I am happy to join in the applause…

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