Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Accidents, Jennie Fitzkee and Rex the labrador

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Mentioning the turkey epsode was a bad idea. It brought back all the memories of my little ‘accidents’ over the years. I pleade ignorance… I was young. How was I to know she wanted the turkey when she just left it laying around? Or the ham on the bone shed just cooked. Granted, the smoked salmon was in the frudge… as was the cheese… but if she wll leave the fridge open for people to help themselves, she can’t complain when they do.

That was a good Christmas! She just laughed… espeially when she realised I’d left my new tennis ball as evidence. That was the real accident on my part!

But, my new pal Rex has a much worse tale to tell. You have to be so careful at Chrismas. Anything can happen…

Image: Pixabay

Dear Ani,
My name is Rex, and I love turkey, too. My two legged…

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