Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Diets, Di and Maggie’s letter

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

She’s threatening to put me on a diet. Just before Christmas! She says I’m getting old and fat…well, she should know all about that! And if she even thinks about mentioning my rear end…well..!

Too many treats, she says, and not enough running when we’re out. Well, I haven’t seen her running anywhere lately… except when she’s trying to catch me!

I’ll bet she won’t give up her Christmas treats! Okay, she doesn’t have all that many, comparatively speaking, but the fruit cake and mince pies that she likes will be on her menu, even if I’m not allowed any. Raisins, you see… dogs can’t have raisins.

Still, I have her pretty well-trained on the treat front. She can’t go into the kitchen without me, and that means the treat cupboard. So, if she wants to put me on a diet…she’ll have to stay out of the kitchen too! That…

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