Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I’m surrounded by tall, slender women
While I am quite short and have curves,
And to see them all stylish and graceful…
Well… sometimes it gets on your nerves.

They can eat without thought when you’re dining,
They take notice of nothing but taste…
While if I just glance at a cream cake,
Its volume goes straight on my waist!

It is true that it’s jealousy talking,
No reproaches shall pass from my lips,
But while they sit there grazing unconscious,
Each morsel adds weight to my hips.

And then, there’s the elegant glamour,
The effortless draping and pleat…
While the same garment worn by a hobbit
Will look like a meal-sack with feet.

The tall, gamine goddess can carry
What should never be worn by the plump,
What the fashion-plate figure wears lightly
Would just make me look like a frump.

Because I am vertically challenged
(Yes, okay, horizontally…

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